Merely the echo of God

It is not man who determines what is sin and what is not, but God.

When God, the Creator of heaven and earth calls out man in warning that if they continue to do that which He has condemned, or do not do what He as commanded they will certainly face eternal death — and someone echos His warning out of compassion — that is not “judging”, but rather letting someone know that the Holy God of heaven is calling out for them to turn from their ways and unto Him that He might give them forgiveness, rest, and peace.

If you don’t care the Creator of all says, scoffing at His warnings echoed in His servants, that is most certainly your prerogative.

However, your choices have eternal consequences — those ones you choose not to believe in because it is far more comfortable to convince yourself they don’t exist.

The consequences are eternal….eternal. If you live another 100 years, it is still nothing but a blink in comparison to forever.

What IF the Bible is actually true……?

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