The religion of Secular Humanism and the god-delusion.

Don’t let anyone fool you (deceive you with a lie even they themselves believe) into thinking that some people don’t have a religion, but are purely secular in thought and that God, or any gods, have no part in everyday life.

Their way is indeed a religion, and they most certainly worship a god.

Their religion called “Secular Humanism,” and *man* is their god. 

Death follows wherever they trod, for as ‘a god’ Secular Humanists believe they have the right (and have often gained the power) to kill all they have determined to be non-useful, inconvenient, or a threat to themselves in their quest for power.

The observers of the secular humanist religion are the personification of arrogance and pride.

In their god-delusion, they, as ‘a god’, demand respect, admiration, praise, esteem, exaltation, honor, and for many gifts to be bestowed upon them as a sacrifice from others.

In other words,

they demand to be worshiped by all.

Believing themselves a god, these ‘radical religious fanatics’ assume nothing they desire should be withheld from them, and if you do not give them what is demanded, they will take it by force instead.  This ‘taking’ is justified in them in their mind, since as a god, they are the actual owners of all.

They imagine themselves superior and therefore expect reverence and service from all. 

If anyone fails to worship them as they believe they believe deserve, or refuse to bestow sacrifices upon them (give them things), they become infuriated!  “How DARE you not bow your knee to me and give me what I demand!”  They will then set about finding ways to punish whoever has disobeyed their command to offer sacrifice to them (give them what they want).

This makes the adherents of this religion exceedingly dangerous to society for they will steal, riot, destroy, and terrorize when their demands are not met.

The most intolerable thing of all would be any hint of irreverence, contempt, mockery, condescension, or scorn directed at them. 

This is an immediate death sentence in their mind, and they will soon find a way to kill either your reputation, your livelihood, your relationships with others, and many will literally scheme to murder you.  Sooner or later you will pay for your insolence!

Adherents to this dangerous religion are found from the lowest levels of society to the most powerful government positions in the world.

Actually, nearly all world and governmental leaders adhere to this religion.  It is the number one ‘faith’ practiced and thus most suffer from the god-delusion this pagan belief system brings with it.

Remember, they RUN THE WORLD under the influence of the Secular Humanist religion.

This religion  has been practiced since the dawn of time.


  • Genesis 3:4-5 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods…



Now step back and take a look at society and the world again.


You should see clearly now.




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